Bees pest control relocation

Should Pest Controllers Exterminate Bees?

A guest commentary by Christine Gatto over at used a chilling quote by Albert Einstein that I hadn’t actually encountered before: “If honey bees become extinct, human society will follow in four years.” Gatto then goes on to describe his sadness at seeing an entire colony of bees being exterminated. Even the exterminator wasn’t happy about it… but it was his job.

Bees are generally unlikely to sting unless they are protecting their hive. But as bee stings can prove fatal to those with allergies, for many of us who find a bee or wasp nest in our garden, calling bees pest control is the only option.

Bees pollinate and fertilize plants, and are a vital part of our ecosystem. As Einstein pointed out, without them we would likely perish. In the UK, bees are currently offered no protection under British law, but many more responsible pest controllers will work with beekeepers to relocate the hives rather than destroy them.

So, when contacting a pest controller to fix your bee problem, do a little research first, and see if there is a pest control company that will relocate the bees. Your grandchildren might thank you for it.

Even wasps, which are less popular in the public eye than bees, and more likely to sting a human, have an essential part in the British eco-system, feeding on many smaller bugs that eat our plants and produce.