Triple glazing

Is Triple Glazing Worth the Cost?

Homeowners are becoming increasingly savvy when it comes to saving money in the long term. And with rising energy bills predicted to hit most households this winter, many will be encouraged by glazing companies to improve their home’s insulation.

One of the most current energy-saving additions many homeowners will soon be considering is triple glazing, the new window technology in which promises noise and draught reduction and superior insulation.

As double glazing offers such noticeable thermal improvements over its singular ancestor, it’s easy to understand why so many homeowners will naturally assume that triple glazing offers similar insulation and long term savings.

But will triple glazing actually save you money?

Yes, particularly with homes that have a lot of small windows. Although, there are more cost effective ways to insulate your home, including adding a coating to the glass that will prevent heat escaping, and filling the cavities in double glazing windows with inert glass.

Such measures will prove more sensible than triple glazed windows, which are up to 40% more expensive than their double glazing counterparts due to their larger and heavier frames, and the difficulty in installing them. Furthermore, many glaziers in the UK do not yet stock triple glazed windows.

Also, consider the other parts of your home that might also be improved. Wall and roof insulation may be cheaper and less hassle to install. It is also important to consider the sealing of your windows, as poorly sealed triple glazing would prove a redundant modification.