Garden Pests: What You Need to Know

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We all know garden pests can be a pain, especially in the warmer months. With some obvious culprits such as wasps and bees, to the lesser known pests such as moles, squirrels and even foxes. We have included a helpful list of what you need to know about garden pests, with some helpful tips on how to treat them too.


Moles are burrowing mammals measuring at approximately 12-15cm in length, with a dark, brown-black fur covered body. These mammals are virtually blind and live underground, maneuvering through and creating a network of tunnels. Because of this, they are thought to be a pest as they are notorious for leaving mounds of earth on the surface. One of the most effective ways of identifying if you have a mole problem can include checking your soil and lawn for their tunnels as they should appear as raised swellings; moles prefer moist soil and are generally most active in the spring or autumn.



Some squirrels such as the grey squirrel are subject to pest control as they are known to use nearby foliage to enter the home (generally in the attic) gnawing at wiring which can in turn lead to costly repairs. To deter squirrels from entering your home and avoid an infestation, try cutting all shrubbery back, as this will cut off a main access point. The red squirrel however is a protected species. This is because they are endangered, due to their population dramatically declining in the last 50 years.


Much like red squirrels, all badgers are protected in the UK. They are not an endangered species, but it is still an offence to wilfully kill, injure or take a badger.


Many homeowners will refer to foxes as pests. This is because they not only try and source food for their young by going through your bins, but are known to dig up earth and sometimes cause damage to a once aesthetically pleasing garden.

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Bees and Wasps

As the warmer season approaches, it is not uncommon to see more bees and wasps in your garden. However, if you notice a nest in your garden on even in your loft, it is important that you do not disturb this and call a professional and certified pest controller that will be able to treat this both safely and efficiently.

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