8 Helpful Home Hacks

Home hacks are an extremely useful way to save both time and money around your home. That’s why we have scoured the internet in order to find what we think are the most effective and time efficient home hacks that anyone can use. Many are obvious, small changes that can be implemented in your day to day life, although we have also listed some real game changers we bet you’ve never thought of below.

double glazing

1. Bug Spray can do more than prevent pests – If you need to remove stubborn stickers from windows, bug spray can shift them quickly, without leaving any marks.

2. Clingfilm can be just as effective as double glazing – If you have smashed a window or have a single glazed window that is failing to insulate your home effectively, try using clingfilm. By taping the clingfilm across the window frame and tightening it with a hair-dryer, you are essentially trapping air within and reducing heat transfer, sharing the same principle as double glazing.

3. To reduce pesky draughts, invest in a rubber weather sealant – These can easily be found either in your local homeware store or online and are very inexpensive. This is an effective temporary solution to conceal old windows that may need to be replaced.

4. If your refrigerator is pushed back as far as possible – Moving it forward slightly can reduce energy usage of it as much as 40%.

5. Homemade pest control remedies – Such as cedar oil and baking soda can be used to deter pests from infesting in your home, and even protect your plants. Read our recent post Homemade Remedies: An Effective Form of Pest Control more information.

6. When painting the walls in your home – If stale smoke or other odours are an issue, add a few drops of vanilla to your paint. This will help combat odours that have seeped into your drywall.

7. If you are short of space – Try using a shelf as a table. For example, if you would like a bedside table in your room for a lamp but do not have sufficient floor space, a floating shelf can be very effective in utilising the space you do have.

8. There is even a hoover hack – If you are worried about hoovering up a lost earring for example, simply put a pair of tights at the end of the nozzle and secure tightly with an elastic band, that way the earring can be caught without going into the vacuum cleaner.

Do you have any useful home hacks that consistently save you time and money? Let us know in the comments!

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