Rats - pest control

Breckland Council Stops Free Pest Control Services

A Norfolk council will soon be ending their free service dealing with domestic rodent infestations, as part of an initiation to save taxpayer money.

The move by Breckland’s cabinet, which could potentially save the authority £46,100 per year, has come under fire from fellow councillors. The service, which allowed homeowners free rat and mouse pest control, will now be handled by commercial suppliers instead. The council will now signpost residents to where they can access pest control services.

But a recent commission report has voiced concerns that “people would be troubled by rats from a neighbouring property where the neighbour was not willing to pay to have the problem treated. It would be incumbent on the council to take action and therefore unlikely that money would be saved.”

There is also the concern that people will try to deal with the pests themselves, which might encourage the use of unsuitable poisons being used, and children and pets being put at risk.