Drainage problems

The 3 Most Common Drainage Problems

Plumbing problems and drain blockages constitute a large percentage of all rapid response call-outs, and hiring a plumber to fix your blocked drain may prove expensive.

Therefore, it’s always advised that homeowners apply a bit of foresight in maintaining their property, and lessen the risks of drainage problems by addressing any potential issues in the early stages.

Foods, sludge, grease and oil may all lead to clogged drains. This will gradually degrade your pipelines and potentially cause cracks in metal or PVC plumbing. Should you find that water is moving slowly down your drains, hiring a plumber or drain cleaner to inspect your home’s plumbing system for these substances may save you money in the long run.

Pipes are also likely to corrode or deteriorate over time, more so if constructed from inferior materials. Burst pipes can cause considerable damage to your property and electrics. Avoid this by having a professional upgrade your home with durable, high quality pipes.

Check the sewer pipes in your back garden for cracks or damage. Should these break they will pollute the surrounding water, and may lead to you having to excavate your premises while they are being repaired.