Pumpkins drains

Protect Your Drains from Pumpkin Pulp this Halloween

The folks at Roto-Rooter are warning homeowners to be careful when disposing of their pumpkin pulp this Halloween.

Pumpkin carvers getting into the festive spirit with their jack-o’-lanterns are apparently pushing the pulp down their kitchen sink drains, where the pulp forms a sticky glue-like substance which, as other waste sticks to it, eventually clogs the drainage.

Once the drain is clogged, Roto-Rooter warn, it will require mechanical cleaning from a drain cleaning machine… which is costly and an unwelcome bill for any household approaching Christmas.

“For several years we’ve spread the word that carving pumpkins in the sink is a very bad idea,” says Roto-Rooter director Larry Rothman, who suggests carving pumpkins on a bed of newspaper and throwing the paper into the bin. “People assume when they shove the pulp down kitchen sink drain that it’s gone, but in a little while the sink usually stops draining altogether.”

And if you’re uncertain as to what exactly you should be doing with your pumpkin innards, perhaps you could try using them for some delicious pumpkin soup… or, even better, pumpkin pie.

Pumkin pie