Tips to Help Avoid the Plumber

There will always arise a situation in which you’ll need to fork out for a plumber, but many homeowners could delay the inevitable (and costly) by heeding the following tips:

Avoid these toilet products: bleach tablets, blue toilet deodorizers and those odour removers which you place inside your toilet. While they may deter from those iffy smells, they are powerful chemicals that can also break down your toilet’s rubber fixtures – which can eventually lead to your lavatory ceasing to function.

Toilet clogged? If the plunger fails you, try pouring hot water into the toilet’s tank, and repeat if necessary until you’ve resolved the issue.

Listen to your pipes. Do they squeak, hum and rattle? Just follow the exposed pipes and tighten them where possible, ensuring that they are tightly fastened. Obviously, a plumber may be required to fix any noisy piping that is difficult to access.

During the cold months, keep your living space warm to prevent frozen pipes. Even if you aren’t home, your property’s plumbing will benefit from being kept above freezing – frozen pipes can burst, which is expensive to repair.

Use a strainer over your kitchen sink and bathtub to prevent food and substances from clogging your drains. Be sure to clean the strainer regularly and thoroughly. Similarly, frequently cleaning your dyer’s lint trap will not only help your dryer work better but prevent fires and stop lint from clogging your pipes.