9 of the Strangest Facts About Drainage


Drainage is an important part of ensuring your home functions correctly, that’s why we have listed 9 facts about drainage we bet you never knew.

  1. A 15 ton blob of fat mixed with baby wipes named ‘The London Fatberg’ was found blocking a sewer under London Road in Kingston upon Thames.
  1. In Las Vegas, America, it is estimated that over 1,000 homeless people suffering from gambling, drug or alcohol abuse have live under sewer tunnels.
  1. False teeth are one of the most common objects found in sewers.
  1. £36,000 worth of gold was found in a sewer in Japan by The Water Treatment Facility.
  1. The Egyptians were one of the first documented civilisations to have created drainage systems. Water was a huge part of their purification rituals, so it was important to have clean, healthy water.
  1. The status of a drain or drainage sewer will vary depending on when it was built, if it has been adopted and how many properties it serves.
  1. It does not matter when the drain was built its age does not alter its status. The responsibility for cleaning, maintaining and repairing a drain will rest with the owner/user.
  1. The wettest area in the UK is a remote part of Snowdonia which sees up to 176 inches of rainfall a year.
  1. The highest amount of rainfall recorded in one year was 25.4 metres in India.

If you are experiencing reoccurring problems with your drainage however, always be sure to contact a reputable drainage company.  A professional engineer with be able to effectively resolve any drainage issue, no matter how big or small.