3 Quick & Easy Glazing Tips

Glass is such a versatile and reliable material in which we are surrounded by on a daily basis, yet many do not know much about glazing and the many different types of glass that is available for different purposes. That’s why we have included three helpful and inexpensive glazing tips below.

Glazing 8

1. If you have relatively old double glazed units and are thinking about updating them to triple glazed, read our article to find out if it is worth upgrading to triple glazed windows here. Alternatively, if you have single glazed windows and would like to upgrade to double glazing, read about the benefits of upgrading here.

2. If your windows are old and not double glazed, a quick alternative method in the colder months can include taping clingfilm in the inside of the window, then using a hairdryer to conceal any air within, providing a reduced heat transfer (essentially the same process as double glazing).

3. To reduce pesky draughts, invest in a rubber weather sealant. These can easily be found in your local home ware store or online and are very inexpensive. This is an effective temporary solution to conceal old windows that may need to be replaced.

It is important to note that if you require any glazing work, a professional and reputable glazing company should always be used. If you are based in the South East, we recommend Glaziers Essex.