3 of the Best Mirrored Glass Buildings

Glass is much more than just double glazed units for the home. From a tree house hotel to a mirage shack in the desert, we have included 3 of the best mirrored glass buildings.

1. The Tree Hotel by Tham & Videgard Arkitekter, Sweden. 

Mirrored Glass

This tree house hotel made by Tham & Videgard Arkitekter consists of a mirrored glass box suspended from the trunk of a tree in northern Sweden. Designed to accommodate two people, the hotel was opened to the public in July 2010 and measures just 4x4x4 metres.

2. The Desert Shack by Phillip K Smith III, California.

Lucid-Stead-by-Phillip-K-Smith-III California

This eye-deceiving shack made from panels of mirrored glass creates an illusion of seeing through the building. Based within a California desert, this installation was created by Phillip K Smith III to reflect light and shadow. This installation also has an LED light system, meaning that after dark the doors and windows change to bright hues that subtly change in colour.

3. The Invisible Barn, STPMJ, California.

Invisible-Barn_STPMJ_california 1

Created by STPMJ in California, the Invisible Barn installation is a static structure with no rooms, instead allowing visitors to manoeuvre in and out. The architects originally designed the structure for a folly competition, although they didn’t win they were offered other opportunities to build the design.

It just goes to show that new technology is influencing and broadening the uses of glass, both in everyday and static architecture. For more architectural inspiration and glass designs, visit Deezen here.

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