How to Find a Water Leak in Your Home

Whether you have noticed that your water bill has become unusually high, or you have discovered damp on the ceiling and aren’t sure where the leak is coming from,  we have included our top tips to identify a leaking pipe below.

If left untreated, leaking pipes can lead to serious damage in your home. You could even end up with mould that can potentially cost thousands of pounds to repair.

So, how do you find a water leak in your house?

Signs of Leaking Pipework in Your Home

If you suspect you may have a leaking pipe but are not sure what to look out for, the early signs of leakage include:

  • Stains on your walls
  • A damp, musty smell
  • Peeling wallpaper
  • Wooden floors and surfaces buckling.

Check Everywhere

It is important to thoroughly check every single conceivable part of your property. Do you have an attic, basement or crawlspace? Make the effort to inspect them one by one, and save yourself from having to pay the plumber an additional fee. Check all faucets, kitchen units and radiators.

Toilets in particular often leak in a slow and discreet manner that is difficult to spot. A top tip to identify the source of a leaking toilet would be to try placing food colouring in your toilet tank, and placing kitchen roll around the base of the toilet. Any leakage as a result of flushing should then become easier to spot.

If you have tried our tips and still need a plumber to resolve a leaking pipe dilemma, it is important to always use a reputable plumbing company with fully qualified, professional plumbers. We recommend East London Plumbers, an emergency plumbing service operating 365 days* a year.