3 Reasons to Invest in Modern Glazing

Have you noticed that your windows are starting to show signs of condensation in the colder months? Or are you thinking about upgrading to double glazing? We have included 3 helpful reasons to invest in modern glazing.

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1. Better heat retention – One of the main reasons many people decide to upgrade to double glazing is due to the level of heat retention; you may find with double glazing that you don’t have to turn the heating on as much during the colder months. It was found that approximately 60% of heat loss in a domestic property occurs through single glazed windows. Therefore, by choosing modern secondary glazing, heating bills could drop substantially. In terms of U-values, single glazing has a u-value of 5, in comparison to modern double glazing having a u-value of just 1.6.

2. Improved home security – Home security is another important aspect that is improved greatly from secondary glazing. This is because one of the main entry points for a burglar is often through a window, making single glazed panels considerably easier to break into. In addition to this, single glazed windows do not have their own locking system.

3. No condensation – By upgrading to double glazed units, or even replacing existing ones, you will find that your windows will no longer have condensation as we approach the colder season. Condensation is often caused when double glazed units are installed inadequately, or from the seal no longer serving its purpose. Condensation on your windows is a good sign that they need to be replaced, as it can cause a number of damage, including:

  • Pools of water on window seals
  • Damage to paint work, curtains and wallpaper
  • Damp and mould growth

Always be sure to use a reputable glazing company with professional, fully qualified glaziers.