What is PAT testing?

Regulations state that appliances need to be maintained to a safe standard.
All appliances need to be tested regularly.
Check appliances are safely maintained in commercial and domestic properties.

What is PAT testing?

PAT Testing- stands for ‘Portable Appliance Testing’ and is the process of testing portable electrical appliances.  This is undertaken to ensure that the appliances are working at optimum efficiency and that they are safe to use.

When PAT testing, the engineer will assess  whether the appliance is being used in line with their manufacturers instructions.  The engineer will also inspect the location of the tool, checking to see if it is an appropriate environment for that specific device.

How often should an appliance be tested?

All portable apparatus, should be tested regularly, at least once a year for commercial properties. however, the exact duration will be determined by the appliance.  Your electrician, should be able to give you this information.

Who needs to get their appliances PAT tested?

All devices should be tested regularly, whether in a domestic or commercial property.  Although, if you are a landlord, renting a property, or own a commercial building of any kind  you are obliged current regulations, to keep and maintain your appliances in safe working order for your tenants and employees.

If you feel your mechanism might benefit from a PAT test, or you own a commercial property and are due an appliance test then please follow the link below.

Please, always use a professional electrician.   Electrical injuries can be lethal.  Electricians are trained to deal with electricity in a safe way.

For Berkshire-   www.electricianswraysbury.co.uk

For Kent-           www.electriciansdartford.co.uk

For Hertfordshire-    www.electricianscheshunt.co.uk.

For Nottinghamshire-    www.electriciansstapleford.co.uk.  

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