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Frequently Asked Questions: Rodents

There are a number of pests in which are more active during different parts of the year. Rodents are a common problem in the colder months, and it is important to spot the signs of an infestation quickly in order to treat them effectively. That’s why we have answered some frequently asked questions on rodents and how […]

Pest Control Reports an Increase in Pests This Winter as a Result of Warmer Weather

There have been recent reports of an increase in the number of pests this winter from pest control companies as a result of the warmer climate. Both in the UK and various parts of America have seen an increase in the expected winter temperature this year. Pests such as fleas, cockroaches and ants have been […]

5 Interesting Things You Didn’t Know About Wasps

It wouldn’t be a British summer without wasps making a nuisance of themselves. Whether they’re swarming around your home or when you’re eating outside, these pests are prevalent every year. But do wasps actually have a purpose in the British garden? And why do they really sting us? Read our top 5 things we bet you […]

Homemade Remedies: An Effective Form of Pest Control?

Much like using other insects to control the pests in your garden, there are many homemade remedies that have been proven to be very efficient in preventing grubs, slugs and insects from causing havoc to your plants and vegetables. Homemade remedies are fairly inexpensive, and many prefer to use this method as a way of […]