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Frequently Asked Questions: Rodents

There are a number of pests in which are more active during different parts of the year. Rodents are a common problem in the colder months, and it is important to spot the signs of an infestation quickly in order to treat them effectively. That’s why we have answered some frequently asked questions on rodents and how […]

Frequently Asked Questions: Drainage

Drainage is an important part of ensuring your home functions correctly, although there are many that are unable to correctly determine signs of drainage problems. That’s why we have answered some frequently asked drainage questions below. 1. What drains are the property owners responsibility? If you have a blocked drain and it is on your […]

Frequently Asked Questions: Locks & Locksmiths

Are you thinking about updating the security in your home? Or would you like to know the different types of locks available and their uses? Then we have included some answers to your frequently asked questions below. 1. My insurance company has advised that I have a five-lever mortice deadlock; what is this and how […]