How to make a draught excluder

How to make a draught excluder.

You will need:

Old pair of trousers

Pair of scissors

Needle and Thread

Or material adhesive-web

Or sewing machine

Pair of thick tights


Buttons or stick on Velcro

  1.  Cut the legs off an old pair of trousers (use a pair you were going to throw away.
  2.  Fold one trouser leg in half widthways and inside-out.

If you can sew or if you have a sewing machine.

  1. Sew along the long side loose opening, leaving a centimetre hem all the way along and do the same on one of the shorter sides leaving and the other side open for your filling.

If your can’t sew you could use some iron on adhesive web: place the adhesive web between the two pieces of material, at the edge of the opening cutting the web into 1.5cm strips make sure there are no bits of web sticking out and iron over the edges of the fabric where the web will stick your edges together.

  1. Turn your trouser leg back out the right way.
  2. Fill one of the tight legs with your filling, cut well above and tie it up. Place the filled tight inside the sewn trouser leg.
  3. Cut a small slit in one side of the small opening the same size as your button, sewing on the button on the opposite side.  Or if you prefer, cut the stick on Velcro to size.  Tuck one side of the opening over the top of the other and place the sticky sides of the Velcro so that it holds the opening closed.