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6 Efficient Ways to Reduce Your Energy Bills

There are a few obvious ways to reduce energy consumption in your home, from changing your energy supplier to using less gas and electricity as a household. As effective as they are, we thought we would include some of the lesser known tips and tricks you may not have tried to ensure your energy bills […]

Solar Panels: Are They Worth The Investment?

Solar panels have become increasingly popular over the years, growing worldwide at almost 50% annually. We look at whether they are worth investing in your property for the future. There are two types of solar panels, thermal and photo voltaic. The latter directly converts sunlight into electricity, whilst thermal powered solar panels react through heat. The […]

Power Paper: The Paper Thin Energy Storage System

Electrically powered paper may be the new slim and efficient form of new technology. Swedish scientists have recently discovered how to store electricity in a paper-like material. One sheet of ‘paper’ measuring 15 centimeters in diameter and under 0.5 millimeters in thickness can store one farad of electrical capacitance. Just one farad equates to many […]